REVOCATION - Empire Of The Obscene (re-release)
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Boston based bringers of brutality, REVOCATION, are re-releasing Empire of the Obscene! While the material isn’t new, I sure as hell am going to jump at the chance to review and pair one of my favorite metal albums! Dripping with thrash attitude and heaving with heavy riffs, Empire of the Obscene was bred to please ears and break necks! It’s time to experience the album’s past conquests once more in a remastered and remixed pit party!

Blasting off from the first second, “Unattained” will crush any doubts you may have about the absolute badassery of this album. Closely stalked by two of my favorite tracks, “Tail From The Crypt” and “Exhumed Identity” take the lead with insanely catchy thrash riffs and classic heavy metal solos. Yowzer!! If your head survived “Fields Of Predation” and hasn’t rolled off your shoulders, down the street, and under a moving car’s tire….you are in for a surprise! The first instrumental masterpiece, “Alliance And Tyranny” will not give your neck a well deserved reprieve. Crack open a beer, drink deeply, and let five minutes of musical mastery possess you! The steady shred returns with “Suffer These Wounds” and the bass pounding prowess of “Summon The Spawn“. The unforgiving riff war ends with  “None Shall Be Spared (All Shall Be Speared)“. This thrash ballad will disembody you by axe and shrapnel, blade and flame. “Stillness” is the second instrumental on Empire Of The Obscene and the only rest you will find in this entire album. Two minutes of revitalizing acoustic beauty will heal your listening wounds so you may once more go forth and bang to “Age Of Iniquity” and the title track “Empire Of The Obscene“. It’s a finish strong enough to shatter your spine and leave vertebrae scattered about your living room! This re-release also includes demo versions of “Summon The Spawn“, “Unattained“, and “Suffer These Wounds“. While they don’t need a review of their own, it is a cool addition to sample more primal versions of these songs.

Empire Of The Obscene returns to spice up your daily dose of metal. One can only hope that with the re-release of the album, will come a tour where REVOCATION performs it in its entirety! In any case, I get to pair something special with this listen through, so get ready!


Empire Of The Obscene

  1. Unattained
  2. Tail From The Crypt
  3. Exhumed Identity
  4. Fields Of Predation
  5. Alliance And Tyranny
  6. Suffer These Wounds
  7. Summon The Spawn
  8. None Shall Be Spared (All Shall Be Speared)
  9. Stillness
  10. Age of Iniquity
  11. Empire Of The Obscene
  12. Summon The Spawn (Demo 2006)
  13. Unattained (Demo 2006)
  14. Suffer These Wounds (Demo 2006

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