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Celebrating 20 years of Viking Metal mastery with the release of their folkloric self-titled album, MÅNEGARM conjured the perfect milestone to mark this historical event in their career. From beginning to end, their music will transport your mind and spirit back to the time of your viking ancestors. Through battles and conquests, around campfires and tavern tables, and across fields and oceans, every track leads to adventure! Sharpen your ax, fill your drinking horns, and ready your ear-brains for Månegarm!

Your spiritual transport begins with “Blodörn“. Kicking the album off with the longest track may seem like an odd choice, but entrancing vocals and exuberant jaw harp get your blood pumping and your ears fiending for musical adventure! The pace quickens with the dancing vigor of “Tagen Av Daga” and the catchy battle hymn of “Odin Owns Ye All“.  Two incredible songs that will slap beards on your face and an ax into your hands! Just as you’re about to sink that ax into another keg of mjöd, the beautiful and forlorn projections of “Blot” and “Vigverk – Del II” subdue your battle lust with acoustical grace. Your mind is sent reeling down an ancient path, where many died in sacrifice or glorious combat just before being called back by “Call Of The Runes“. Bound by the Fate of Norns, your quest continues to the saddening tales of loss in “Kraft” and the awakening berserkers of “Bärsärkarna Från Svitjod“. Nearing the completion of your journey through the past, the memories of love and strife in “Nattramn“carve deep scars in your mind. You are left with a heavy and prideful heart, while sharing the triumphs and struggles of so many who came before you through the excellence of folk metal. A breath away from the end, “Allfader” returns you to the present time with a chilling canticle you won’t soon forget!

Månegarm forged rad battle anthems and soul gripping acoustic tracks that will summon the spirits of fallen warriors to drink beside you. This album proves that you don’t need to saturate words with blast beats and distortion to weave a heavy tale. Fill your horns, raise your pints, and buy this album now!


  1. Blodörn
  2. Tagen Av Daga
  3. Odin Owns Ye All
  4. Blot
  5. Vigverk – Del II
  6. Call Of The Runes
  7. Kraft
  8. Bärsärkarna Från Svitjod
  9. Nattramn
  10. Allfader

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“Silence, behold, at last. Under the stars is our destiny”

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