Heartfelt folk metal is the prime priority of the seven musicians of ABINCHOVA.

Melodic folk tunes and crushing thrash and death metal riffs are what characterize the band’s sound. Guitar solos, fiddle, and keyboard go hand in hand, further enriching the structure of the music. Lyrically, the band has dedicated itself to the telling of old tales and myths, which are brought to you by fierce screams and classical female vocals.


ABINCHOVA‘s latest album “Wegweiser” was recorder at the New Sound Studio and mixed by Tommy Vetterli (Coroner). Tommy also recorded and mixed the last couple Eluveitie albums at the New Sound Studio. The album successfully raised over $15,000 through crowdfunding on wemakeit.com. Funds were also donated from cultural institutions such as the city of Lucerne, the Wacken Festival Foundation, and the Lucerne Cultural Institution. The band’s previous released EP “Handgeschrieben” was recorded and mixed by Anna Murphy (Eluveitie).  Anna also played the Hurdy-Gurdy on the intro track of the EP.!


ABINCHOVA – Wegweiser


ABINCHOVA – Handgeschrieben

Additional Discography

“Versteckte Pfade”  – 2011

“Hörensagen” – 2009


ABINCHOVA  is a wave of music that transforms every concert into a beer soaked festivity. I had the opportunity to catch one of their sets onboard the 70,00tons of Metal cruise this year, and can confirm that beer soaked party times were had! Now, quit your slacking and go buy their music!



Michi – Guitar

Alex – Guitar

Wigi – Bass

Mischa – Drums

Patricia – Keyboard

Nora – Vocals, Violin

Arnaud – Vocals



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