The origin of Northland, back into the end of 2007, started when the band edited the first demo Freezing Sadness. Wagering on a quite unknown style in Spain, Northland began to make concerts in order to claim for a place within the national metal scene.


Their music crossed the borders and the band signed up for the German label Black Bards. As a result, Northland (2010), their first studio release, was brought to light. This launch opened the gates for Northland to participate in numerous festivals, tours and concerts around the European continent. After three years and almost a hundred gigs, Northland began to be considered one of the significant bands among the Folk Metal scene. Currently, after a hard-working period of composition and studio enclosure, the band steps forward towards its consolidation with their second long length Downfall and Rebirth.



NORTHLAND – Downfall and Rebirth


Life and death, day and night… Everything has its beginning – birth, and its own end – death. Great civilizations fall and the new ones take their place as day turns to night and night turns to day. Downfall and Rebirth explains the end of mankind as Mother Nature rises in vengeance against those who have made her suffer for so long. Meanwhile, some where out in space, celestial bodies collide to create a new world. This concept is also present in Downfall and Rebirth in different ways: the course of the day, defeats and victories. Even when the album comes to an end, replaying it again makes complete sense as a never ending cycle.



Paul Murillo – Vocals, Guitars, and Jaw Harp

Alex Fernández – Guitars

Pau Vázquez – Violin

Pol Lemaire – Keyboardsand Backing Vocals

Vic A. Granell – Bass and Backing Vocals

Jose Rosendo – Drums



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