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Have you ever had a nightmare so vivid and intense that it becomes your reality? Fear hooks itself under your skin, death greets you at every turn, but adrenaline pumps through you so fiercely that you enter a state of savage bliss? If you haven’t, then you are about to! Retrogore is the horror you crave! ABORTED spew forth twelve terrifying tales in an unforgiving tempest of brutal beats and gruesome growls. Prepare to have your entrails turned into a gory mosh pit through the musical violence of Retrogore!

The ominous tone of Dellamorte Dellamorte instills a sharp sense of suspense for what is to come. In a flash of malevolence, Retrogore straps you to a dilapidated surgical table and begins tormenting you with thoughts of disfigurement. Cadaverous Collection goes to work, lacerating your skin with shredding guitar work. No painkillers are administered as you are forced to lose yourself in Whoremageddon. Blunt force breakdowns and ghastly grooves bring enjoyment to your tortured state. There is no chance to lose consciousness. The demonically rapid drumming of Termination Redux pumps your heart with adrenaline so you may endure being hacked Bit By Bit by heavy riffs and viscous vocals. Divine Impediment and Coven Of Ignorance stitch together what flesh remains with strands of death and malice. Moldy leather straps release their hold on your newly disfigured form, allowing it to be animated by the sinister energy of The Mephitic Conundrum. The nightmare could end here, but you no longer want it to. Forged In Decrepitude and jonesing for punishment, you are compelled to headbang and thrash around with abandon. This necromantic dance continues to intensify with From Beyond (The Grave) as ferocious kick drum and hardcore influences chase you down. The maniacal lust for another dose of darkness dumps you In Avernus. A vile melody intent on breaking your neck should be the end, but you won’t let it come. This new existence begs you to start the album over!

Retrogore is what brutal music should be! Tasteful, violent, relentless, and groovy! ABORTED have mastered the elements and served them up in an horrifically addictive, aural form! The number of killer albums being released this year continues to grow! Get your fix with gut wrenching Grindcore that leaves you screaming for more. Retrogore!


  1. Dellamorte Dellamorte
  2. Retrogore
  3. Cadaverous Collection
  4. Whoremageddon
  5. Termination Redux
  6. Bit By Bit
  7. Divine Impediment
  8. Coven Of Ignorance
  9. The Mephitic Conundrum
  10. Forged for Decrepitude
  11. From Beyond (the Grave)
  12. In Avernus

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To match the intensity and wild force of Retrogore, my search took me down into the darkened cellar of Phantom Carriage Brewery. It was there I discovered the pucker power of Broadacres! This Wild Berliner Weisse is packed with unrelenting sour lemon flavor that pairs perfectly with the merciless metal melodies of Retrogore. Brettanomyces and lactobacillus make every sip a pleasurable punishment your tastebuds won’t soon forget! The brewery itself features a cadaverous collection of horror themed objects adorning its spooky walls and halls. It even has an on-site movie theater that projects horror and sci-fi movies from the recent past! An even more fitting place to crank some tunes from Aborted!


“We are remnants of chaos. We are death incarnate. We are Man. We are the end.”

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