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It’s time to pause the beer soaked rager we’ve been having, and take a trip down to Texas. I was floored after hearing OCEANS OF SLUMBER for the first time, and since their full length doesn’t have a title or release date, I decided to review their Blue EP. Yes, it’s mostly covers and I am not really a huge fan of covers, BUT…HOLY CACTUS CLAWS! THEY ARE SO FREAKING GOOD! I try to refrain from snobbishly reviewing an album track by track, but since there are only six on the Blue EP, and all of them are worth mentioning, please excuse me and/or DEAL WITH IT!

Ghastly guitars, spiritual synths, and vascular vocals transform “Solitude” into a haunting masterpiece that rivals the original. It doesn’t quite out-doom the Swedish Doom Masters in Candlemass, but rather adds temptation to the feeling of want, loneliness, and desperation.

Years of bands performing vanilla rock covers of “Kashmir” have washed away any magic this song once held. I was routinely unimpressed when I saw the track listed on this album, but I can say without a doubt that this is the best cover of “Kashmir” that I have ever heard. Not only has the magic of the song returned, it has been tripled by Cammie Gilbert! Her vibrantly soulful voice, and the bands musical prowess, have transformed the song into something more than a cover. I would prefer to consider this one the original! What a thoroughly enjoyable 13:27!

For the first original on this album, I was not expecting something this calm, but it stays true to the overall tone the covers have set. “Turpentine” is an absolutely beautiful song that may take you over the edge if you are feeling blue. Enjoy carefully!

Delving deeper into the darkness, “The Wanderer” is discovered. I was hoping for an Ensiferum cover, but Emperor makes way more sense here. The track starts with a snazzy jazz feel that leads to a heavier set of embellished leads and solos. If you are a fan of the original, the additions created by OCEANS OF SLUMBER will be a real treat.

Cammie Gilbert‘s entrancing vocals shine brighter than lava in your eye on “Memorium“. So bright, in fact, you will forget that there was ever a heavier original written by OCEANS OF SLUMBER for their album Aetherial. At this point, whatever she sings, I will listen to it. She. Is. AMAZING!

What a good song. What a great cover! PINK FLOYD set the bar pretty high with “On The Turning Away” and that bar was just cleared. Incredibly emotional vocal cover. Powerfully moving instrumental cover. I want more, but the album is over!

Blue EP 

  1. Solitude (Candlemass cover)
  2. Kashmir (Led Zeppelin cover)
  3. Turpentine (Reprise)
  4. The Wanderer (Emperor cover)
  5. Memoriam (Blue Studio Edition)
  6. On The Turning Away (Pink Floyd cover)


Whiskey! There is no question, this album calls for a classy, potent, masterfully blended, whiskey! Whether you’re in solitude, or playing the part of the wanderer, a glass of bourbon whiskey from Breckenridge Distillery will beguile your soul with an aromatic whisper of melted snow and sturdy oak. Music in mind, whiskey in waiting. Listen, sip, and enjoy!

“I understand how it feels in this life to be here yet so far away.”

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