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There are only two types of people in this world, those who want to be vikings and those who do not matter! To those of you that matter, Jomsviking will make your battle-heart cry out in victory!  AMON AMARTH have long since been crowned the Swedish masters of viking metal, and this album only reinforces that title! Crack open a keg of mead and prepare to be swallowed by the band’s first concept album, Jomsviking!

The adventure begins with the hero’s First Kill. Sharp melodies stab through the Earl’s right hand man as he comes to take the nameless defender’s love interest away. A chorus that sticks in your head like an expertly thrown spear accompanies him as he flees the land. The sound takes a unique and stylish journey in Wanderer. While the hero ventures through the frozen north alone, rocking drums and battering bass took me to a SCORPIONS concert in the 80’s! Visions of death and gore cast violent shadows On A Sea Of Blood. Fate blasts images of the lonesome hero on a dragon ship, propelled onward to meet his death by AMON AMARTH‘s breakneck groove. The inspiring cadence of One Against All lands the fearless man in the sights of the legendary Jomsvikings. Knowing this is his destiny, he joins the merciless mercenaries. Raise Your Horns is simultaneously solemn and uplifting. A fitting drinking song forged by the mourning and triumph of mighty warriors. Years pass as the outcast learns The Way Of Vikings through brutal battles fueled by chugging guitars. It’s a good thing Vikings don’t get hangovers, because At Dawn’s First Light wages a war on your neck that only the vigilant can withstand. During the chaotic killing, the noble king and ruler of the Jomsviking is slain. The battle-hardened brotherhood send off their sorrow with the pensive sounds of One Thousand Burning Arrows, but there is little time to mourn. Our murderous outlaw thrashes back at those responsible with the swift and ruthless beats of Vengeance Is My Name. Cruel fate is revealed in A Dream That Cannot Be. Doro lends her Metal Queen vocals to voice the woman that this boy turned warrior has fought so long for. Facing her rejection, his journey feels like one big loss. Then you remember that you aren’t the fearless viking warrior in these tales! You are probably brandishing a broadsword in your living room while listening to these epic stories and are about to put this album on repeat. Life rules! Love, war, internal conflict, and fate all collide Back On Northern Shores. Emotions storm the ocean waves as the musical mood shifts through the battle. This is the moment he has been waiting for. Heavy tones and furious riffs send him to meet his destiny and demise!

Jomsviking is an epic tale of love and death that is dexterously told by AMON AMARTH‘s signature sound.  Volcanic vocals narrate a journey painted by daring drums, skull bashing bass, and gallant guitars. AMON AMARTH never disappoints, and this album is no exception.  Now, we wait patiently for them to announce another two set tour!


  1. First Kill
  2. Wanderer
  3. On a Sea of Blood
  4. One Against All
  5. Raise Your Horns
  6. The Way of Vikings
  7. At Dawns First Light
  8. One Thousand Burning Arrows
  9. Vengeance Is My Name (bonus)
  10. A Dream That Cannot Be
  11. Back on Northern Shores

Order The Album!

I have been waiting since this site’s inception to pair an album with mead, and Jomsviking has given me the perfect opportunity! Viking Blod from Dansk Mjod turns you into a viking just by drinking it! This nordic honey wine boasts a 19% abv that stands up to the tenacious musical tactics employed by AMON AMARTH. Each savored sip attacks your tastebuds with unique flavors of hibiscus and hops. Whether you are celebrating your first kill, learning the way of vikings, or mourning a dream that cannot be, Viking Blod is the mead you want filling your horns!


“Raise your horns! Raise them up to the sky. We will drink to glory tonight.”

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