The foundation for what is now TWILIGHT FORCE was laid out in 2011, with a quest to bring back the golden age of epic symphonic power metal.

By combining strong melodies with orchestral arrangements and fast tempos, TWILIGHT FORCE wanted to create an intense and memorable listening experience; immersing the audience in a magic universe filled with wonder, heroic tales and mesmerizing mythical worlds.

Using their vast experience from previous musical endeavors, their classical training and technical proficiency, they started working intensely and meticulously in their studio in the heart of Sweden, the Twilight Forge.


The music took shape and grew from the depths of their hearts, and the fundaments of the songs swiftly came into existence. Hence, the first ever adventure metal album – »Tales Of Ancient Prophecies« (Info) – saw the light of day in 2014.



TWILIGHT FORCE – Tales of Ancient Prophecies


In the wake of their successful first release, and two glorious tours across Europe with SONATA ARCTICA and GLORYHAMMER, TWILIGHT FORCE have returned to the Forge to craft their second opus.

The conquest has merely begun…


Chrileon – Lead Vocals

Lynd – Electric & Acoustic Guitars, Lute

Born – Bass

Blackwald – Keyboards, Piano, Violin, Cembalo

De’Azsh – Drums

Aerendir – Guitar



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