VALFREYA is a symphonic Viking metal band from Montréal, Quebec, Canada. The band was created in February 2009 by Crook, female singer and main composer. Her compositions have a much more aggressive musical sound than typical folk metal. Over the years, many members joined and left to finally settle with the band’s current lineup, who all bring their own musical ideas to the group.

Their first EP offers a lively, energetic, and epic music which will quench listeners’ musical thirst with a both symphonic and beautiful yet powerful style.

They released the full album “Path to Eternity” on February 2012 on the label Maple Metal Records. This album will carry you to an era of myths and legends. It delivers a catchy and aggressive epic style withing the Viking folk metal genre. “Path to Eternity” is an impressive piece of work on all levels; music, concept, and artwork. It will not only please folk metal fans, but also those in need of a good dose of mead with their daily brutality.

In May 2013, the Viking metallers temporarily put aside their electric guitars and released a totally acoustic EP entitled “Acoustic Chronicles“, that was supported by many acoustic live shows.


VALFREYA – Path to Eternity


VALFREYA – Acoustic Chronicles

Additonal Discography

“First Chronicles”  – 2009


VALFREYA is currently working on a new album titled “Promised Land” which is set to be released later this year. The band has released a preproduction clip to whet your appetite!


Promised land tells the story of a conqueror and his warriors who came from the North to leave a glorious legacy for his people and the memory that his name deserves. 

He will discover his promised land, but will also meet Odin’s divine wrath.




Grazzt – Guitar, Back Vocals

Shark – Keyboards

Crook – Lead Vocal

Karhu – Guitar, Back Vocals

Donnard– Drums

Arbic– Bass



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