CREPUSCLE is a symphonic melodic death metal band from Redwood City, CA. Often borrowing elements from black metal, folk metal, and heavily influenced by baroque music, Crepuscle’s songs incorporate crushing riffs, neck-breaking tempos, enchanting soundscapes, acoustic guitars, and infections melodies!

Conceived in 2006 under the name Draconian Winter, a moniker that was later used to entitle their 2014 full-length debut as a tribute to their early beginnings, CREPUSCLE has existed in various forms for nearly a decade. During that span, founding member Eligio Tapia honed in on what would become the iconic CREPUSCLE sound. CREPUSCLE aims to preserve the tradition of the riff and the melody whilst incorporating an array of symphonic elements, and dynamics with the end goal of taking the listener through one hell of a musical journey.



CREPUSCLE – Draconian Winter


The band is set to record and acoustic version of Draconian Winter later this year. If you are a fan of things that are good, you better descend upon that like a predatory beast when it’s unleashed!


Eligio Tapia – Guitar, Vocals

Cameron Stucky – Guitar

Aaron Robitsch – Keyboard, Backing Vocals

Gavin De Vaugh – Bass, Backing Vocals

JB Schule – Drums


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