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UNLEASH THE ARCHERS have forged an epic tale of inspiration and perseverance with Time Stands Still. As Brittney Slayes‘ voice continues to level up beyond the mortal realm, the band’s riff heavy thrash ballads inspire strength throughout the metal armies of the world! Grab a drink, stretch your neck, and prepare yourself for one hell of a fist raising adventure into the frozen, Canadian, north!

The cinematic feeling of “Northern Passage”  begins by quieting the troops, so the call to arms of “Frozen Steel” may be heard by all! Ready your blades, the battle has begun! As you’re commanded by some of the strongest vocals in metal today, your resolve will be bolstered by “Tonight We Ride“, “Test Your Metal” and “No More Heroes“. Enemies of metal will cower in fear at the sheer headbanging brutality of “Crypt” while the killing blow is dealt by the DIO infused melody of “Time Stands Still”. The vocal god of metal is speaking through Brittney here, or I’m a bearded gnome!

Parts of Time Stands Still reminded me of Dark Moor, Iced Earth, Through The Eyes Of The Dead, Allegaeon, and Revocation. It’s crammed with delicious metal flavor, and served with a battle hardened attitude. The lyrics to every song hit me on a personal level that I was not expecting. If those words had a similar effect on you too, it’s good to know we are fighting on the same side!

Time Stands Still

  1. Frozen Steel
  2. Hail Of The Tide
  3. Tonight We Ride
  4. Test Your Metal
  5. Crypt
  6. No More Heroes
  7. Dreamcrusher
  8. Going Down Fighting
  9. Time Stands Still

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Warriors of ice and snow require a hearty drink before and after battle. It’s time to imbibe a meal! Every sip of the Vanilla Porter from Breckenridge Brewery heals wounds and fuels a ride to glory. Time Stands Still calls for a porter that will rise to the challenge. UNLEASH THE ARCHERS have taken modern metal to a new level, much like 3 Inches Of Blood did, so your drink should be just as remarkable and partakable! The revitalizing vanilla tingle inspires a cry across distant hills.  Stand with your brothers in metal against tyranny. Beers in the air; rise and vanquish!

“Fight for what you believe, no one can take that which can not be held by the hand”

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