CATTLE DECAPITATION - The Anthropocene Extinction
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CATTLE DECAPITATION will take you to dark places with The Anthropocene Extinction. Meaty guitar licks lead you to the slaughterhouse; brutal breakdowns ground your bones, blasting drums shred your being, and vicious growls pack your remains up for consumption. CATTLE DECAPITATION is well known for their stance against the mistreatment and consumption of animals. The hybrid monstrosity of their graphic imagery and positive message are a deliciously dangerous combo.

I’m writing this review and listening to The Anthropocene Extinction while driving through the cow fields and fires of Washington, Montana, and Idaho. I can’t think of a more fitting and eerie soundtrack to compliment the grim scenery as it passes me by. Manufactured Extinct and The Prophets of Loss open with tales of a world misused and mistreated by its inhabitants, much like the abandoned plains and houses that cling to the roadside. Plagueborne conjures a rollercoaster of slow, chugging guitar work and sickeningly fast drumming that bleeds over to infect the harsh breakdowns and bass badassery of Clandestine Ways (Krokodil Rot). If you haven’t found enough suffering in the world, subject your neck to the perilous rhythms of Mutual Assured Destruction and Not Suitable For Life. Your neck might survive, but the lyrics could destroy your faith in humanity! The Anthropocene Extinction finishes strong with, Pacific Grim. I am a sucker for puns, so even if this song didn’t slap my senses with a malevolent barrage of fast blasts and bellowing bass, it would be in my list of top tracks.

The Anthropocene Extinction caries a message just as heavy and brutal as its music. I found it to be a thoroughly enjoyable and sickening journey that required me to expand my lyrical vocabulary. Cattle Decapitation have definitely outdone themselves and I look forward to seeing these songs performed live. The quest to pair this morally laced grind-fest with a beer while I am on tour, begins now!

The Anthropocene Extinction

  1. Manufactured Extinct
  2. The Prophets of Loss
  3. Plagueborne
  4. Clandestine Ways (Krokodil Rot)
  5. Circo Inhumanitas
  6. The Burden of Seven Billion
  7. Mammals in Babylon
  8. Mutual Assured Destruction
  9. Not Suitable for Life
  10. Apex Blasphemy
  11. Ave Exitium
  12. Pacific Grim

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When you find yourself listening to The Anthropocene Extinction under the sun and in the light of day, you’ll want to be sipping on something dark and delightful. I’ve combed the streets in search of a bold, new brewery and discovered Surly Brewing Co. in Minneapolis, MN. There I devoured their Coffee Bender, a smooth brown ale steeped in coffee beans! Great grim guardians, it was perfect for this! The strong coffee scent and nutty body hit as hard as CATTLE DECAPITATION‘s lyrics. This precious hunger of which you hold so dear is beer and the Coffee Bender is an enjoyable alternative to coffee stouts that will leave you with mouths open wide, begging for more! Surly Brewing Co. also has a Cacao Bender (Get it?! Cacao…CaCOW?!) which would have been a puntastic pairing, but I was told that they don’t bottle it yet.

“Since all our species knows is violence, let mountains bask in utter silence.”