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GRAI is a Russian folk metal band playing lively, merry and dynamic music interlacing the guitars with wind instruments. The music describes the way of life of a common man as well as the concealed mysterious beauty of our Nature. The band was created on July 3, 2005, under the name “Raven Blood”. Shortly after it was changed to “Vorog” (the healer, the wizard), and in February of 2007 it finally settled its name on “GRAI” (meaning the bird’s cry). 

Since 2006, GRAI has performed at concerts and festivals along side Arkona, Alkonost, Alestorm, Cruadalach, DalriadaPercival Schuttenbach, and Radogost. Recently, the band toured Russia and Europe in support of their latest album “Mlada“. The first track on the album is called “Beard” so it has to be amazing! Journey on over to Bandcamp and pick it up! Also, this November will yield the highly anticipated  re-release of “About Native Land” on Völuspá Records (Brazil). 




GRAI – About Native Land

With a new album in the works and and the possibility of more viking-clad music videos, GRAI is a band you should keep your ears and eyes on!


Additional Discography

“От Истока” (EP) – 2007, self –released (“From the Source”)

“Полынь-трава” (LP) – 2009,Volh records (Russia) (“Warmot The Bitter Grass”)

“О Земле Родной” (LP) – 2011, Sound Age Рrod (Russia) (“About Native Land”)

“About Native Land” (LP, reissue) + bonus-track – 2012, Vic Records (Holland)

“Warmot The Bitter Grass” (LP, reissue) – 2013, Vic Records (Holland)

“Mlada” (LP) – 2014, Noizgate Records (Germany)

“In the arms of Mara” (vinyl-compilation) – 2014, Spirit of Ancestors Productions (Czech Republic)





Irina Zybina – vocals 

Ruzel “Ruzveld” – guitars

Aliya “Leta” – flutes, bag-pipes, vocals

Yuri “Sadist” – bass, growl, kaljuka, jew’s-harp

Vitold Buznaev – guitar

Ilnur Zarev – drums

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