VARG - Das Ende Aller Lügen
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2016 is a clean slate and the battle for best release of the year begins anew. Just seconds after the gates open,  VARG deploy Das Ende Aller Lügen. A weapon forged from Folk Metal stolen at birth, fueled by Germanic rage, and raised by a pack of cunning wolves?! Do any other 2016 releases even stand a chance?! It’s sure going to be a close race. To make Das Ende Aller Lügen even more enticing, VARG have released it in both German and English. You can listen to this album back to back in two different languages!

Charlie Chaplin’s controversial speech “The Great Dictator” storms your emotions and rallies your spirit to hunt for The End of All Lies. Das Ende Aller Lügen paints a potent, kinetic image of an army moshing and thrashing their way through an oppressed city, in a brutal dance of liberation.  The oppressive forces attempt to contain the rebellion, but the rebel’s mosh pit intensifies with the inspiring fire of the Revolution. Bullets are deflected by defensive hair whips. Tanks are held at bay by a ferocious, circular dance. The wolf pack’s victory is imminent and the dust soon settles. Metal brothers and sisters howl in painful victory as the wolf moon shines on Streyfzug. Since the first sparks of rebellion struck these individuals, an eternal bond has been formed. A shared triumph has led the pack on a new path that casts a tainted shadow across their souls. Gore stained teeth and hair ignite a bloodlust within the pack. Achtung fans the flames as the rebellion is lead deeper down their dark path. No one is safe from their insatiable fury. The album’s sound opens up to mercilessly take over new realms and lead the listener into Darkness. Dunkelheit casts out those left behind by the wolfish carnage. A somber melody of solitude and insanity leads your mind in a Dance of Death. Totentanz weaves the story in a circular pattern as the wolf pack becomes those they have hunted. Death surrounds us all through the souls descent.  Anna Murphy (ELUVEITIE) lends her voice to the deathly temptations, giving a sickening beauty to the decline of all sanity. Total destruction is achieved. The world is littered with bodies and Einherjer will soon have yours added to the pile. Awaiting ascension into Valhalla, this track serves as the ballad of your exploits. Time scuttles by, but you do not die. The reality of your heinous journey begins to sink in revealing the ominous path to redemption. Wintersturm claws away at your skin, leaving scars behind to remind you of your choices. Rhythmically chugging towards the sun, your pace slows in the face of the fading light. Icy judgement sweeps over your corpse as your final thoughts trickle down in a Rain of Ash. Ascheregen instills a harsh wall of regret and farewells as the album’s tale comes to a close. Is it really over? Will you become Einherjer and one day fight again? Only one thing is certain. You can listen to this album AGAIN!

It’s refreshing to hear such a mold breaking blend of industrial, black metal, and folk metal. VARG have accepted these genres into their pack and sent them howling with harmonious hunger! Do yourself a favor and BUY THIS FREAKING ALBUM! Das Ende Aller Lügen is The End Of All Lies!


Das Ende Aller Lügen

  1. Der große Diktator
  2. Das Ende aller Lügen
  3. Revolution
  4. Streyfzug
  5. Achtung
  6. Dunkelheit
  7. Totentanz
  8. Einherjer
  9. Wintersturm
  10. Ascheregen

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The time has come to rise your pint to your lips, but what liquid is bold enough to embody the oath sworn ferocity of Das Ende Aller Lügen? Three Philosophers from Ommegang Brewery rises to the challenge! Its deep brownish ruby color and dark cherry flavors echo the bloodstained teeth of the wolf pack. Feel it crawling down your throat as your mind latches on to hints of brown sugar and toffee. A true journey in taste and inspiration, Three Philosophers leads your pallet from the battlefield to Valhalla! Wolves and beer become strength in union. Now seek out this ale and sip victoriously while listening to Das Ende Aller Lügen!

“We the upright ones who chose the path of pain. The deeper the cut the stronger is our will.”

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