CATTLE DECAPITATION: “The Anthropocene Extinction” Streaming In Full At Loudwire!

With the official unveiling of “The Anthropocene Extinction“, the long-anticipated new full-length from San Diego deathgrind tacticians, CATTLE DECAPITATION, now just five days away, today mega metal portal, Loudwire, is pleased to scathe ears with a stream of the record in its venomous entirety.

Already reaping accolades from critics both stateside and abroad, in a recent 8/10 review of the record, Decibel Magazine commends, “abundant hooks, extremity meeting musicality, a diverse vocal performance, am almost surprisingly bittersweet tone, and hairpin temp shifts,” furthering, “there’s always been a fine line between extremity and listenability and CATTLE DECAPITATION have marvelously tiptoed that line again… their command of craft has never been better.” In a near-perfect 9.5/10 rating Headbang Or GTFO gushes, “The Anthropocene Extinction is a phenomenal album… easily one of the best releases of the year… Intense, riveting and chilling. Something new we can worship and gawk about for the next couple of years.Metal Hammer concurs, issuing in a 9/10 score, “CATTLE DECAPITATION have taken a big risk, tried something new, and done something brilliantly horrific in the process. Awesomely fun and catchy, yes, but still viciously upsetting,” while Dead Rhetoric, in a 9.5/10 rating, hails a record that, “reworks their best qualities in ways that allow them to blossom in fiendish and darker dimensions. Crushing from start to finish; what you may not expect is how frequently the music will embed itself into your earholes. Continuing to raise the bar for extreme music, The Anthropocene Extinction is a certain highlight of 2015 so far and not to be missed.

Witness “The Anthropocene Extinction” alongside a thorough track-by-track breakdown of the record by vocalist Travis Ryan at THIS LOCATION.

Captured by Dave Otero (Allegaeon, Cephalic Carnage) at Flatline Audio in Denver, Colorado, “The Anthropocene Extinction” serves as CATTLE DECAPITATION‘s most sonically and thematically captivating record to date. With “The Anthropocene Extinction” we are transported forward to man’s last gasps in the band’s trademark “turning the tables” approach that mirrors what is happening in the Pacific Ocean: The birds and aquatic wildlife are mistaking the vast amounts of man-made plastic items for food, ingesting it and are dying in large numbers, rotting where they fall and exposing to the world what is happening to the ecosystems of the earth’s oceans – the most unknown and unexplored part of our planet – and the domino effect that will result… The Anthropocene Extinction.

CATTLE DECAPITATION‘s “The Anthropocene Extinction” includes guest appearances from iconic frontman Philip H. Anselmo, Tristan Shone/Author & Punisher and Bethlehem’s Mr. Jurgen Bartsch and will see official unveiling on August 7th, 2015. For preorder bundles visit


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