KATAKLYSM - Of Ghosts And Gods
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In a world of constant lethargy, you need something that gets you to move!  Of Ghosts And Gods isn’t knocking down barriers or breaking molds, but it sure as hell is breaking some necks! KATAKLYSM concocted the recipe to keep your head grooving long ago. It’s still here, and it’s getting the job done!

Cue movie quote, and we’re off! “Breaching The Asylum” is a potent opener that has riffs taking me back to Serenity In Fire. I’ve always enjoyed the more melodic side of KATAKLYSM, but it is a side that’s seldom shown. “The Black Sheep“, “Marching Through Graveyards“, and “Thy Serpents Tongue” serve up a mercilessly intense block of blunt force. Combo them with “Soul Destroyer” and “Hate Spirit” and watch dance floors be effortlessly destroyed! The guitar work on Of Ghosts And Gods assimilates a thick, hardcore influence with tough guy breakdowns, as the drumming progresses faster than previous KATAKLYSM albums.  Oli Beaudoin brings a wicked flavor to the more or less unchanged statement of the band.

KATAKLYSM‘s sound has been a reliably heavy force over the years, so you know what to expect from them. In an age where bands take drastic measures to “experiment” with their style in a failed attempt to reach bigger and better things, KATAKLYSM stays true to what they do well. Canadian Hyperblast lives on with Of Ghosts And Gods!

Of Ghosts And Gods

  1. Breaching The Asylum
  2. The Black Sheep
  3. Marching Through Graveyards
  4. Thy Serpents Tongue
  5. Vindication
  6. Soul Destroyer
  7. Carrying Crosses
  8. Shattered
  9. Hate Spirit
  10. The World Is A Dying Insect

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After marching through graveyards and past the gates of existence to find a delicious brew that makes you move, I finally arrived at Golden Road. Get Up Offa That Brown is a brown ale that will levitate the soul. Trace amounts of smoked malt pack a solid serving of caramel and chocolate in every sip. Plus, it comes in a can, so you are less likely to spill it while moshing in your living room! Of Ghosts And Gods definitely makes you Get Up Offa That Brown!

“You got the noose around my neck. You got the rope to see me dead, but I won’t go away, I won’t fade away, I won’t be the one in disarray.”